What has Dracula and Doric got in common?

In this section I have assembled a selection of video’s which bring together theconnections between our Doric landscape and culture and how it inspired Bram Stoker to write his Gothic novel ‘Dracula’

Dracula’s Connection To Scotland

Lock Down 2020. Well Being . Connecting to History, Heritage and Nature. Dracula’s Connection to Cruden Bay Coastline and Castle. Various authors who have written about Slains Castle. Jill ‘s journey – Following In The Footsteps of Bram Stoker. Brief Connections with Whitby Abbey and Slains Castle. Beautiful Coastal Scenery

David Brown following in Stoker’s footsteps.

David Brown, local countryside ranger speaks of following in Stoker’s footsteps to explore in a mindful and meaningful way the advantages of being in commune with our sea and land scape.


You can always Count on Dracula to catch the imagination

The late  Ken Davidson, a local Cruden Bay man and writer of the Doric, re enacting the foot steps of Stoker.   Bram Stoker writer of Dracula had a fascination for The Buchan Coastline, the heritage, the people the folklore.  He listened to all the locals stories.  He wrote  the following books, The Waters Moo and Mystery of The Sea all based on his experience and love of the Doric folk and culture.


Cruden Bay’s best kept secret (Part 3)

Characters portrayed here were met by chance whilst on my travels and the filming was unrehearsed. This Proves The Spirit of Bram Stoker Lives On…..
Filmed By Jill Cantlay McWilliam


During September and October 2019 Peterhead based theatre group (MODO) staged a series of Doric influenced perfomances at Slains Castle in Cruden Bay.
Jill spent some time with the cast and crew of Doricula, a bespoke piece of work melding the influences of the Doric language and Bram Stokers Gothic masterpiece Dracula (which is said to have been inspired by his visits to the castle) after one of their performances.

Past Lives

Is a BBC Radio Scotland magazine programme hosted by Mark Stephen, who on visiting Cruden Bay to discover more about the links between Bram Stoker and Slains Castle met up with a few of the locals, including Doric Future’s Jill McWilliam.

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