It’s great how Doric TV is gathering folk fae a oor the world! That’s fit we aim tae continue to do.

Looking back as a poet and author.

This month September sees me celebrating 32 years in my craft as a poet and author.
I began writing In 1988 after a humerus experience at a colleagues funeral, from that moment to this the need to write has grown exponentially. It’s quite inexplicable, I must let the wurds go, days I’ll write lots o poetry or create wee videos to offer more depth thru music, wurds and images. I’ll use an app to animate foties or use scenes.

Regarding the Doric, I have been writing off and on in ma mither tung for some years now, as it’s part of who I am, I enjoy weaving words together as I recall my days and life growing up in Aberdeen. So many changes I’ve witnessed and that’s why I’ll often pen words of what I saw, the industries gone, yet the heart o the toon still sparkles o the granite. ‘Ere’s nithin like the Doric, ma mither tung, even tho I’m for the present far awa I spik it every day. It’s wha I am, jist a loon fae Aiberdeen.
My work is published within 59 anthologies national and international and my own collection of 50 poems was published in USA in 2006. Though I’ve taken a step from the page, by creating spoken pieces and combining various mediums to offer more depth and meaning. Using video to tell the story, elicit a response, tease a tear or ensure a smile, that’s the storyteller at his best. Emotion, passion exudes as who I am. I hiv created wee videos in the Doric, affa basic n jist recorded on ma I pad, nithin funcie tho.

So here’s looking forward to this next year which I hope offers myself more opportunities to be just who I am. Oh I’m currently in the Philippines. It’s a lang story but I’ll nae bore ye wi it.

I truly appreciate this and gi’e ye ma thanks, bide safe you n yours aye.

Fae ma’sel
David Wilkie
Jist a loon fae Aiberdeen
Now in The Philippines.

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