22nd July 2020

David Wilkie who now lives in the Phillippines talks of his boyhood in Aberdein where he lived right in the heart of the city, a stones throw from the bustling fish markets and the ship building yards upon which Aberdeens fortunes were initially founded. David also shares some of his Doric poetry with Doric TV. 

To watch the video, click the play button on the section below.

Following David’s interview with Jill for Doric TV he was inspired to pen this quick verse about our presenter, ‘A quine fae Cruden Bay’, he subsequently produced the additional pieces which have been used elsewhere on this website and shared across our social media platforms.


An ode ti Doric TV
By ma’sel

 Ere’s nae a doot it’s noo weel kent
o’er the world n mair,
Reaching oot to mony folk
an o the Doric ti share

Gaun is far ti offer much
an ti touch the hairt,
Thoosans o miles, gi’en the smiles
as upon sic an incredible journey oor Jill did stairt

Jist ti offer in is different days
a thocht n wurd is kind,
An ti let a’body ken
ye will nae be left behind

Oor Jill, hails fae Cruden Bay
n born is a fairmin quine,
Gings is far, n further yet
Wi her hairt is true n kind

Offering much fae ither fowk
n wakkin mony a mile,
Gi’en fae her hairt n soul
n aye wis wi a smile

The community is near n far
why, even weel kint doon under,
Recognised, it’s nae a surprise
o her days it’s sae a wonder

It’s fit she dis, it fa she is
it’s jist her bein hersel,
N kindness an a haun ti gi’e
aye n mony a story ti tell

Sae here’s ti Jill o Doric TV
may it gaun even further yet,
Perhaps ti infinity n far aheid
o that we kin nae forget

It’s little things, fair mak’s the hairt sing
even if yer far away,
Aye oor quine fae Cruden Bay, Ye ken fa ye are

Sae here’s ti days jist waitin ere, n is ye share sae often,
an a difference ti mony fowk, wi yer thochts n wurds ti soften

Moments perhaps, n maybe we ha’e a wee lapse, yet seen enough fair going, further yet, as we hiv met,
Aye Jill fae Doric TV, nae body will e’er forget…..

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