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Dave Cherry – Guitar Maker

26th July 2020

Davie Cherry bespoke guitar maker talks to Doric TV on his life long experience of making and repairing guitars. A wonderful insight in the art of guitar making.

Allan Taylor – Bothy Balladeer

22nd July 2020

Allan Taylor, king Of The Bothy Ballads / songs of the changing ways in farming life and culture. A tribute to past and present farming and Crofting folk who worked over decades to bring the barren lands of Aberdeenshire and all over Scotland up to scratch to the vast fertile areas we have today. A tribute to Our farmers who work day and night to bring good whole some food on our plates.

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Angus McCurrach – Drummer Extraordinaire

17th July 2020

Angus McCurrach – extraordinarily Scottish drummer. Explains the therapeutic value of drumming and his Huggadrum venture . Angus also describes the history and uses of the drums . A member of The Trybe a Scottish Pictish Band. He also portrays his passion for the Doric language and culture and an insight into Finnyfaul TV. An all round entertainer and a very entertaining video. Doric TV is portraying a new perspective on our Doric/Scottish culture today.

Alan Reid – The Doric Min

9th July 2020

Songs by singer songwriter Alan Reid from Fraserburgh. Alan is from a long line of fishing folk . Retelling stories in words and song.

Caledonia images by Jill and Steve on their trips round the Scottish Islands on bicycle.

Jo Gilbert – The Beauty of Being Doric

24 Mar 2020


I met Doric Poet Jo Gilbert at the  Elphinstone Institute, Aberdeen on my quest to find people who are passionate re their Doric Roots.

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Denis Shepherd – Bothy Songs and Stories

17 Feb 2020

A farmers son, who was inspired by  his farming culture to play the mouthie,  ie mouth organ, write and sing songs and also became a “dance band caller” .

A delight to listen to his stories of his farming years and ways gone by.

Bob Knight – Kin Folk.

22 Dec 2019

Featuring songs from Bob Knight

This is the start of a series of musical videos depicting our Doric Song and Stories.  DoricFuture is bringing people together to portray a new perspective on our Doric Culture.  It also shows  the warmth and humour of us Doric Folk!

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